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A group of zombies attacking the survivors

Zombies will spawn all around the map. They will spawn e.g. in cities after people have left them because the remaining people in the city are now "infected". There is no maximum amount of zombies, but there will be more than thousands of zombies each map.

Killing Zombies

In order to kill zombies you need to aim for their head and destroy the brain. Shooting the body does not kill zombies, but disable them for a short time.

== How does Zombie combat work?

Attracting zombies

Zombies can be attracted in three ways.

  • When you are making too much noise, zombies can hear you and will find you very fast. The more noise you make, the more zombies can be attracted. You make noise when walking, running and shooting. (You also attract zombies by swinging your melee weapon, even if you don't hit anything)
  • You can be too visible to zombies when you are walking around, however zombies can not see very well. Your positioning does affect your visibility to zombies as well.

repellent in-game, and zombies can't smell you)

  • When you hit a zombie it makes your noise level go up. Attracting more zombies


Zombies run slightly faster than the Survivor normally does, and can only be outrun by sprinting. Other options including jumping fences or using barricades to give yourself enough time to escape. Be aware that the moment you start sprinting, you will become much more obvious to other zombies, so do not use your sprint to move near zombies unless you MUST escape and plan to keep moving.

Infecting survivors

Zombies can infect surivors when they bite them. There is only a small chance of being bitten when you are being attacked by a zombie. The only way to cure this infection is by using a vaccine injector. These come in two varieties, one of which will only heal you if your infection is below 20% ( it will reduce the infection if you are above 20%, but not remove), the other being a much more effective cure.

Drops and Loot

Zombies can drop ingame dollars, which can be spent on the marketplace to buy supplies like ammo or weapon attachments. The chance that zombies drop ingame dollars is 40% in specific areas (e.g. Boulder City or Rocky Ford). There is a chance ingame dollars will drop in smaller towns and cities.


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