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About language sections

Hi Stuvi, Can I ask you? I had an idea for language sections of the wiki. More precisely about the tag /it - /de -/fr ecc ecc. I speak for the italian section. Why not use page with the translation of the title for every page?


English section


Italian Section /Banditi

and not /Bandits/it

Because then in the title of page we have this:

Banditi/it I banditi sono...

And it's very bad we think. What are you think about this? :)

Hey there!

We're going to change that as soon as possible. We already have something in mind. For now it will stay as it is but not for long anymore. For more information contact me at

- Stuvi

Many Thanks

Thanks for the informations! We wait the changes.

Change Main page loadout

I got some nice changes and i really want to expand on that, Why are you reverting my changes ?


Articles were copied from another wiki, easy as that. And those articles should stay in "The Game" because it doesn't have anything to do with surviving.


I dont see why not, maybe i got a different opinion about it but ill respect your choice About those new pages, i have stated that i gave credits to

A Thank You

Just wanna say thanks for protecting this forum. I helped out reverting all unnecessary edits i found. :D

Edit: Ugh, they are still trying to be sneaky. >.<

Edit2: All the pages that were protected are editable again?

- ProGamerzFTW