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Skill Tree.

Lets talk about how Skill Trees, Training and Experience works.

While exploring the game world, killing zombies (if you're lucky) or other players (if that's what you desire to do) and/or doing other things in the game, you'll accumulate Experience Points. You can spend Experience Points to unlock new characters OR to improve your existing characters - TRAIN them.

Training is done by spending Experience Points to unlock Skill Tree NODES. Each Node will either affect some of your stats, or will teach your character to do new things (for example learn how to apply bandages more effectively).

Stats modification are only affecting stats that can be trained in real life - for example your character will be able to sprint for longer time, or it will be able to carry slightly more weight. It won't affect stats like your health - after all, we don't want to make you a super hero. It will affect how fast you can reload firearms, but it won't change damage that the gun does.

Here are some preliminary design of the Skill Tree to give you an idea of how it may look. Please note that nodes have different colors. Each color corresponds to a specific AREA of expertise - like physical training, weapons training , medical skills, survival skills, etc.

The skill hardened gives the player a 15% damage reduction. (applies to damage received by both zombies and players)

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