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Picture of the northern safe zone at night.
The southern safe zone at daylight.

Safe zones, also known as safe settlements, are cities in the world of Infestation: Survivor Stories that allow people to buy, sell and store their items in a global inventory. These safe zones can also be used as social hubs, for creating missions for other players and trading. On each map of Infestation: Survivor Stories there will be approximately 3-4 safe zones available for survivors and one hideout for bandits. Safe zones will be rare and far away from another safe zone.

Current Safety[edit]

  • The Safe Zones are surrounded by about 5 meter high walls
  • You have "God-Mode" in the current Safe Zones
    • You will not receive Player-Damage
    • You will not receive Fall-Damage
    • However, zombies can still attack and kill you!
  • You can not use your weapon in the Safe Zone
  • A huge message will appear at the top middle as soon as you enter an Safe Zone


Future plans about safety[edit]

Safe zones are only safe if you can fortify and protect them:

  • Safe zones have 5m high walls around their perimeter
  • Attacking another player while in a safe zone will trigger the guard system to attack you
  • Bandits (hostile players) may still be able to attack from a vantage point and raid the safe settlement if they choose.
  • Current theories suggest that a bandit may avoid being killed by the guard system by escaping the safe zone quickly

Reputation level[edit]

Your reputation level does affect how the security forces of the safe zones and the players inside a safe zone react to you. If your reputation level is too low and you are a bandit you will not gain access to the safe zone and may be killed.

Guard System[edit]

Details have not been released on how the guard system will work, but some speculate that it may vary based on activity levels within the safe zone.

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