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Infestation: Survivor Stories is available on STEAM again. You can buy the game for 14.99€ and additionaly Gold Coins, the ingame Currency in Infestation: Survivor Stories, for 24.99€ (3575 GC) and 44.99€ (9600 GC). Link to the STEAM Store.

Previous issues with STEAM

Fans have been clamoring for the game's removal from STEAM since it was first released on Monday. Many gamers have criticized the game for its misleading description, controversial microtransactions, and forum censorship. Meanwhile, Infestation: Survivor Stories' developers have defended themselves, telling us that 93% of their customers like the game.

In response to Kotaku's request for comment, Valve issued the following statement:

"From time to time a mistake can be made and one was made by prematurely issuing a copy of War Z for sale via Steam. We apologize for this and have temporary removed the sale offering of the title until we have time to work with the developer and have confidence in a new build. Those who purchase the game and wish to continue playing it via Steam may do so. Those who purchased the title via Steam and are unhappy with what they received may seek a refund by creating a ticket at our support site here."

In the following screenshot you will be able to see what has been changed in the description in the STEAM Shop.

On the forums of Infestation: Survivor Stories Sergey Titov has issued this apology:

"As you all know we launched the game on Steam yesterday. Okay—we're number one top grossing game on Steam right now—thank you guys for your support.

At the same time it was clear that there were a number of customers that felt that information about the game was presented in a way that could have allowed for multiple interpretations. We've taken steps to correct this and format information presented on our Steam Store page in a way so it provides more clear information about game features that are present in the Foundation Release and what to expect in the coming weeks. We also want to extend our apologies to all players who misread infromation [SIC] about game features.

At the end of the day our goal is to serve our players as best as we can, and we love when you guys steer us into the right way of doing it !"

Besides launching suspicious microtransactions, Hammerpoint is directing unhappy customers to Steam for a refund. You know, those unhappy customers that supposedly misread the original Steam description and got bad infromation.