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Security Alert message on Infestation: Survivor Stories's forums.
E-mail sent from OP Productions.

On the 2nd April 2013 OP Productions LLC has issued a Security Alert to all Infestation: Survivor Stories players via their forums and to every player/forum email. On their forums it says that hackers were able to access the forum and game databases. The hackers were able to get a copy of all your E-Mail addresses and passwords (and probably everything else stored in the database). While they are saying that passwords have been crypted, it is most likely that passwords have been hashed.

We've asked Patrick, the Infestation: Survivor Stories Community Manager, who confirmed that passwords in the forums were salted with the standard vBulletin salting method. We were not able to find out how the game database passwords were protected. Those people who use the same email address to log into their game accounts should be aware that the hackers have their email address. However, hackers were not able to get any payments/billing information as the payments are processed by third party payment gateways.

We were not able to determine a possible public download location of the files yet, which means that they have not been revealed to a broad mass yet.

- 6th April 2013: the whole website of Infestation: Survivor Stories is unavailable for an unknown reason.
- 7th April 2013: Website is available again. Game & forums are still shut down.
- 11th April 2013: Everything is back to normal. A new forum software is being used. You'll have to register again.
- 11th April 2013: Everyone has received a letter from OP Productions via Email. They've updated their security.

If you have any information about this incident, please mail us at pr (AT)