Range Finder

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<setdata> data_type=equipment name=Range Finder


desc=No official description seen yet. weight=Unknown use=Displays distance to the object you are aiming at needuse=Unknown duration=None location=Unknown rarity=Unknown variant=Unknown </setdata>

{{#data:Range Finder->name}}
{{#data:Range Finder->img}}
{{#data:Range Finder->desc}}

{{#data:Range Finder->weight}}

Use to

{{#data:Range Finder->use}}

You also need

{{#data:Range Finder->needuse}}

Effect on Character Unknown
Duration {{#data:Range Finder->duration}}
Location(s) {{#data:Range Finder->location}}
Rarity {{#data:Range Finder->rarity}}

{{#data:Range Finder->variant}}

Range finders are somewhat similar to binoculars. Although it can zoom a little further, it can also be used to tell distances.

Where to find it: -A range finder has been found in a hangar, Norad Military Base as of 4/29/13.