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Example of the email you receive when successfully purchasing Infestation: Survivor Stories

Everyone can now Order Infestation: Survivor Stories since the 4th October 2012. Click here to Order.

Hello Everyone as of 11-27-2012, Sergey Titov has discontinued the Alpha Packages (Survior, Pioneer, Legend). But he has now made Beta Packages available to get access to the beta. The Current Packages are as followed, First Tier costs $15 and come with 3, 24hr guest passes but no GC to use in game. The Second Tier costs $25 and come with 3, 24hr guest passes, but come with $15 worth of GC to use in game. The Third Tier package cost $50 and again come with 3, 24hr guest passes, and come with $50 worth of GC to use in game. Unfortunatly you don't get a forums badge or in game recognition (reserved for Alpha Package Buyers).



Payment Methods

Infestation: Survivor Stories accepts over 300 payment methodes, which means that you can pay with almost every payment method that's available on the planet! Go and grab your copy of Infestation: Survivor Stories now!


I didn't get my badge yet!
Read the point above troubleshooting. Short: Go to the badge website and follow the instructions. Now, make a new post in the forums. After that reload the page and you will see your new badge.

I have not received an E-Mail/I want to check the Order status!
Go to the order check page and enter the e-mail address you used when purchasing the game. After clicking the button you should be able to retrieve your order information. In case this doesn't help you, simply contact support@thewarz.com.

It says "No Order" (and my money was/wasn't deducted)
If you it says "No Order" and your Money was not deducted simply order again (No order means no order). In case your money was deducted from your account, please read below on how to get in touch with them.[1]

I have another question about Infestation: Survivor Stories Orders
The best and most simple thing is to make a post in the official forums. If you don't get the help you wanted there, simply contact the Infestation: Survivor Stories Team by contacting them here - do NOT forget to include ALL information such as payment information (what gateway was used?), your OrderID and so on. Do not include full credit card numbers or passwords.

I didn't get a response on my Mail!
Be patient. The Infestation: Survivor Stories Team is receiving a huge amount of E-Mails. They need to go trough them and process each e-mail by hand. It can take several days until you receive a reply from the Infestation: Survivor Stories Team. Do not send multiply E-Mails! You will just slow down the process for everyone.

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