Military Backpack

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<setdata> data_type=backpack name=Military Backpack


desc=Miliraty Ruck. The mother of all backpacks. Carry 32 items at once!' use=Store Items slots=32 Slots location=Unknown rarity=Extremely rare maxweight=30 Kg </setdata>

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{{#data:Military Backpack->desc}}
Use to

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Location(s) {{#data:Military Backpack->location}}
Rarity {{#data:Military Backpack->rarity}}

The Military backpack is the largest in the game being capable to carry 32 item (stacks) in total.

The Military backpack appears to be modeled after the backpack attack iii and fills a role similar to Dayz`s coyote backpack being the largest sized backpack available but its also the most expensive.


Police Station

Military Base Post office