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Available ammo in the marketplace

The marketplace is an in game available area where you are able to buy items such as medical supplies, food, drinks, hats, flares, ammo, chemlights etc. You are able to buy weapons, backpacks and ammunition. Buying items from the marketplace will cost gold coins. You can gain gold coins by buying them with real world money. You can buy items with these coins that give a massive advantage (such as Backpacks, very rare ammo and the best kind's of bandages, night vision goggles and body armor.) While most of these items are findable in the world, they are extremely rare, and the in game marketplace makes these extremely rare items accessible for money

Marketplace, in game currencies, game economy.

While we understand that idea of having Marketplace in a survival game may looks like evil thing, we've designed it to make sure that it's presence won't introduce unfair advantage to some players. Here's some facts that will help you to understand how Marketplace works :

1) Lets start with fact that none of powerful balance changing items are available in Marketplace - ie you can't buy for example bigger backpacks or guns.

2) Most of the items that are sold in Marketplace are sold for in game currency, that can't be bought using real world money. Ie - before you'll be able to purchase most of the items in Marketplace, you'll have to FIND "dollars" in a game world. so when you start game, you just can't buy anything from Marketplace.

3) Items that are available for Gold Coins ( only currency that you can both obtain by playing game or by buying using real world money ) are mostly cosmetic items like Hats, character appearance customizations, things like chem lights, flares, etc - ie something that can enhance your visual game experience, but will not give you advantage in a game world. There're very few items that sold for GC that are equivalent to items that can be found in a game world, but they are not adding any disbalance to the game ( yes, yes we've checked ).

4) Marketplace doesn't offer some rare items, that can only be found in a game world.

* Forum post Marketplace, in game currencies, game economy. Is game Pay 4 win ? by Sergey Titov.


The current prices on the marketplace/screenshots are not final! These prices are currently used for tests and will be changed when the game will be open for everyone. Buying on the marketplace is not cheap.

Buyer Beware! In the current stage of the Alpha it is entirely possible that you could lose your items due to bugs and other Alpha mishaps.