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There is going to be more than one Map in Infestation: Survivor Stories later on. At the moment there is only a single, 200 km² map. Maps in Infestation: Survivor Stories can be up to 400 km² big!

List of Maps

War-Z S06.jpg Colorado
Colorado is a at the moment about 110 square kilometer huge map in a human friendly environment. There will be three run-down cities, small suburban areas as well as farms and industrial areas. However, the size of the map shouldn't be underestimated. It will
take some time to travel between cities.
Placeholder.png California
California will be the next map available on The War Z after Colorado. Sergey said in an interview with FPS General that California will be two times bigger than Colorado.


Forum post New FPS General interview with Sergey by Kewk.

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