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As of now, in the pre-release stage, there isn't a confirmed list of weapons in the game. Considering the survival-horror aspect of Infestation: Survivor Stories, it may be doubtful as to whether such a list will be officially released at all. Until then, here is a list of the weapon types, officially posted by Sergey Titov, one of the game's developers.

Weapon Types

Ty Rarity Info
Melee Relatively common Available Melee weapons
Crossbow Rare Available Crossbows
Handguns Relatively common Available Handguns
Shotguns Rare Available Shotguns
Sub-Machine Guns Rare Available SMG's
Assault Rifles Relatively common Available Assault Rifles
Carbines Relatively common Available Carbines
Sniper Rifles Rare Available Sniper Rifles
Light Machine Guns Very rare Available LMG's
Explosive Weapons Ultra rarity Available Explosive Weapons
Type Rarity Info


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