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The interface has already been presented in a small forums post by Sergey, quoted below.

WarZ Hud DEVSHOT.jpg

  1. Time and Date. We have universal time/date across all servers, with the "starting" date around October 15 2018. Right now the day/night cycle is set to be around four hours, but we'll be adjusting that during closed beta testing to find a value that works best.
  2. Your visibility and noise level meters. The faster you move, the more visible you are and the more noise you're making. Your posture affects your visibility as well.
  3. Your food and water levels, health meter, stamina meter ( only visible when running ), and your blood toxicity meter ( if you've been infected ). As you can see the character is really dehydrated right now, so he will be losing health every few seconds if he doesn't drink something soon.
  4. Your primary weapon, melee weapon ( you can have both equipped at same time ) and four "quick slots" in your backpack. Quick slots are accessible by pressing ( by default ); 3,4,5,6. You can equip any item that can be used on yourself or other players.
  5. If you have a firearm equipped it'll show how many bullets are left in the magazine, how many magazines you have, and what the current fire mode is (can be semi auto, three burst, full auto - some weapons just have one mode, some have different modes ).


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