Ingame Communication

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The only form of communication is chatbox and voip. There are four channels currently: Proximity, Global, Clan and Group. You can switch between them with F1, F2, F3 or F4.

^Chatbox^ You can use chatbox to talk to other players , to active it push "y" or "enter"

  • Proximity - Talks to people within a radius of around 100 meters. (F1)
  • Global - Talks to everyone in the world. (F2)
  • Clan- Talks to members of your clan. (F3)
  • Group - Talk to members in your group. (F4)

^Voip^ You can talk using voip to talk push "t"

  • Only players that are 100 meters away from you can hear you
  • if you are 90 meters away the player will hear you realy low
  • its realy risky using it , be sure to use it only when you are sure that the other player will not kill you ...