Flashlight (Equipment)

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<setdata> data_type=equipment name=Flashlight


desc=Flashlight for night time, also blinds other players and doubles as a last resort blunt object to bash in the heads of the infected. weight=0.7 Kg use=Lights dark areas up
Does 15% Damage per hit. needuse=None duration=None location=Unknown rarity=Common variant=Unknown </setdata>

{{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->name}}
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{{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->desc}}

{{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->weight}}

Use to

{{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->use}}

You also need

{{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->needuse}}

Effect on Character Unknown
Duration {{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->duration}}
Location(s) {{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->location}}
Rarity {{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->rarity}}

{{#data:Flashlight (Equipment)->variant}}

Flashlights can be used to light dark areas up. You can attack and kill zombies with it, which will not be very effective. Players can be blinded for a short amount of time when aiming at them with the flashlight. A flashlight can also be attached to a weapon.