Earning In-Game Money

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Locations where money mostly drops.

Parkerville Summary

  • Zombie drop money in the highlighted area, or also known as the North-West corner of Denver
  • Buildings included in the colored area can include: Police Station, Pharmacy, Fire station, Pawn Shop, Playground, and surrounding houses.
  • Zombies on average drop money ranging from $20-$10.000
  • Zombie can drop 1000$ or 10.000$ if you are extremely lucky !
  • Not every zombie drops money, I personally find them to drop them at a 1:2 ratio, meaning for every 2 I kill, 1 will most likely drop money.
  • Route: Starting at the Police Station, make a circle from going counter-clockwise by starting down the road that leads North away from the P.S, after clearing the road from every zombie, go east down the short road that eventually leads to a parking lot and the playground, then move to the dinner, to the pawn shop, to the fire station, to the pharmacy, then you'll end up back at the Police Station.(Repeat)

Mountain Crest Summary

  • This location is great for earning money from zombies, due to the fact that the location isn't as popular as the big city.
  • Zombies drop money around all of the houses and barns, the only place I have yet to get a drop from zombies is in front of the supermarket
  • Buildings included in the highlighted area can include: Supermarket, Pharmacy, Post Office, many enterable homes, and barns.
  • With the low population to this area, there is always a better chance for finding buildings that haven't been looted, I find this to be a pretty good bonus to getting money from zombies in this location!
  • Route: There is no preferred route for this particular area, I often run around the town and kill whatever zombies I can find.