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In the top right of the screen is the zombie detection indicator. This changes as you move around the game world and get closer to zombies. Zombies are attracted to noise and if you are injured and bleeding heavily. By crawling and staying low you make less noise and zombies will tend to ignore you. Making loud noises, sprinting or jumping objects will make you easily heard too so plan your route carefully in large zombie infested areas. When you move near zombies the indicator will turn from green to orange and then red. An orange indicator means you are making noise but zombies are not attracted. When it turns to red you are making too much noise. Finally when it flashes red with a ring around it zombies are alerted to you and will attempt to get you. Sometimes a single zombie will move and alert others. Be careful trying to escape single zombies as you'll more than likely make more noise and attract a horde. Use your indicator wisely at night and when in long grass or forest areas, There are certain skills and perks on the level tree reduce the sound you make and enable you to move nearer zombies without the risk of being heard. These are on the SURVIVIAL TREE!

Zombies are just as alert during the day as they are at night, however the indicator is very useful at night or in areas when you cannot see clearly. If you are injured and bleeding zombies will smell this and your detection rate will increase making movement harder. When bleeding your detection rate and range are much higher so try to keep bandages.

NOTE: Beware when using guns and loud weapons in zombie infested areas. One single shot or swing of a heavy weapon could easily bring a horde and set your indicator to red. Quite weapons like the crossbow, nail gun or silenced pistols are handy for taking out zombies making minimal noise. The indicator does not work for detecting human players.

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