Day and night cycle

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Survivor attracting zombies at nighttime near a flare
Infestation: Survivor Stories at night (Developer Screenshot).
View over the shoulder of someone shooting the gun at night

The cycle of day and night is one of the features implemented in the game, to make it more realistic. While the day is bright, the nights will be dark. Sergey said in a thread, that a complete cycle of day and night will take about 8 hours in the beta [Currently 30min night (in real life) and 1:30 hours (real life)]. Currently,this cycle is 2 hours. Zombies can not see it as easily as they would be able to during the day . But remember : you can not see them so easy ! You can illuminate an area using flashlights , chemical lights and flares . Note : Do not use flashlight. And remember Flares and chemglights call attention away from players and close , zombie

In addition, the background sounds changed according to time. For example : When will be the day , you will be able to hear the birds , and while it will be the night , you will be able to hear the cicadas . Some other players have reported hearing strange noises at night , like blood-curdling screams , and some may say , demonic laughter and the odd fact that the cry of `` zombies , plus the Super - Zombie.




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