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Clans can be created since the 27. November 2012. You'll be able to create clan, join clan, contribute to Clan Bank or reward your Clan Members from it. You also will be able to see if there're any clan members around you in the world, a marker will be displayed above the clan members' heads. This marker is also visible through buildings or walls. Clan mambers also have their names highlighted on the Players list screen. Creating a clan will cost nothing but you need 20 hours of playtime on a single character. Raising the clan member limit will cost 700 Gold Coins (around 5$).

Clans are group of players who meet and play together. There are different types of clans. Some clans require you to play every day at fixed times, others are open and you can join whenever you have time. Some clans accept everyone and don't have requirements, others have specific age or skill requirements. We differ them into two groups: Clans everyone can join and clans with requirements. This is meant as simple overview for those who want to join a clan and for those who want to advertise their clan.


Outdated Postings

Please use the discussion to report out of date listings. In case you are the clan owner or someone responsible for listings, feel free to change the information yourself! Do not remove listings which don't belong to you!

Name Members Type Requirements Age requirement Country Website Forums Thread Voice Server 15+ Open Teamspeak³, Microphone 16+ Germany (Deutsch!) Forum Forum
Assassins Tugas 10+ Closed Skype, Microphone, Portuguese 12+ Portugal Facebook Page none private
Esperantos Multigaming Clan 15+ Open Teamspeak³, Microphone 18+ Germany (Deutsch!) Website Forum IP:
[WZDK] DANSIH WARZ 20+ Application Teamspeak³, Microphone, pay for membership 3500 GC 18+ Denmark (Danish) Website Forum IP:
Injection Gaming 18+ Open Teamspeak³, Microphone, active 18+ Norway (Norge) [ Website] Forum Private
Injection Gaming Junior 14+ Open Teamspeak³, Microphone, active 18+ Norway (Norge) Website Forum Private
All Out Assault 10+ Application Teamspeak, microphone 18+ All None None