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Alpha Patch Notes

Build: October 17 2012

17 October

  • [FIXED] Several clientcrash issues.
  • [FIXED] Weapon being able to be equiped into quick slot.
  • [FIXED] Grenades didnt inflict damage to zombies.
  • [FIXED] Instant kill by melee from behind.
  • [FIXED] Chat input turning on when pressing TAB key.
  • [FIXED] Pain sound playing when dead.
  • [ADDED] Message on player death screen.
  • [ADDED] Show player's reputation and if he is legend in show players window.
  • [FIXED] Flashlight staying on after hiding it.
  • [ADJUSTED] Can no longer create more than 5 characters.
  • [ADJUSTED] Water/Food depletion rates.
  • [FIXED] Several wrong player spawns.
  • [FIXED] Several animations.
  • [FIXED] Wrong footstep sounds on several subsurfaces.
  • [FIXED] Collision detection on several objects.

Build: October 18 2012

18 October

  • [FIXED] Reputation is now tracked properly.
  • [ADDED] Safe settlements have been implemented.
  • [ADJUSTED] You can no longer access your global inventory anywhere except in safe settlements.
  • [ADDED][TEMPORARY] You cannot attack other players in settlements.
  • [FIXED] Invisible players and zombies.
  • [ADJUSTED] Zombie AI logic.
  • [REMOVED] Red pixel in HUD.
  • [FIXED] Rapid melee exploit.

Build: October 19 2012

19 October

  • [FIXED] Error 56: Unsupported input type.
  • [FIXED] Ammo Counter not showing.
  • [FIXED] Objects sending you back to the survivor screen.
  • [FIXED] Marketplace will now showing proper stack size for how many items you are buying at once.
  • [ADDED] Recent gameservers tab in server browser.
  • [FIXED] Minor Stability issues solved.
  • [ADDED] Additional anti-cheat systems.
  • [OPTIMIZED] Better stability on lower end computers.

Hi SJKminI have come across what might be a bug in level 1-A. I have coins 1 and 2 and have alomst given up trying to find coin 3. As a last resort I had a look at the level via the cheat editor and have found that there is a warp level high up in a silver coloured room to the left of the level. It is only possible to use it if Mario is climbing a vine but there is no vine to climb. Am I right or have I missed something? I will keep looking for another way to find the coin but I think I need to get at that warp level.

I think that I found a glitch in world 3 s main calste.I was playing that level in version 2.5.When I got into the bonus room with 4 arrows (right, left, left, right), I moved Mario in those directions while I was still falling and he passed through the right wall.I couldn't get back, but I was lucky I savestated at the beginning of the section.Am I missing something, or is this a really a glitch?P.S. If the emulator has something to do with it (I doubt it does, but anyway ), I use DeSmuMe.

Build: October 25 2012

25 October

  • [FIXED] Fixed player spawning in the air.
  • [ADDED] Show info about how much bullets left in weapon or ammo clip in inventory screen.
  • [ADDED] Added missions window to pause screen (for now not active).
  • [ADJUSTED] Create new survivor screen: firstly ask for name and mode.
  • [FIXED] Possible fix for "decompress failed" error.
  • [FIXED] Possible fix for "audio noise" after playing game for a few minutes.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where grass was black when pointing flash light at it.
  • [FIXED] One more fix for invisible zombies issue.
  • [FIXED] Player animation fixes.
  • [OPTIMIZED] Some textures have been optimized.
  • [ADDED] New walking and running animations.

Build: Октябрь 26 2012

26 Октябрь

  • [FIXED]Исправлена проблема с записками, не отображался текст
  • [FIXED]Исправлена ошибка, попытка играть мертвым персонажем(в результате дисконекта во время подсоединения к серверу)
  • [FIXED]Исправлена одна из возможных ошибок с персонажем, который будучи мертвым показывался как живой
  • [FIXED]Исправлена ошибка, что с возможностью нажимать на кнопки меню во время быстрого присоединения(Quick Join)
  • [FIXED]Исправлена ошибка с невозможность поднять предмет, который выкинули.
  • [FIXED]M249 теперь должен работать корректно.
  • [FIXED]Исправлены некоторые мелкие глюки анимации

Thanks, Derek. I'm glad you like this theme. Regarding you question, palsee follow the steps below:On your Jacory says hold off edit post panel, scroll down below for custom fields, press enter new, put feat-img (without the quote) inside the Name box and the absolute URL of your image (i.e hxxp:// on the Value box. Finally, press add custom field to update it. It should work if you follow the steps correctly.Regarding your 2nd question, the purpose of using feat-img is when you don't have any attached image on post for the script to pull it automatically, if you have one, it will auto pull the image to use as thumb on featured and standard post on homepage.Using feat-img custom field doesn't directly display the image on single post, you just have to attach the image manually on edit post panel.I hope that answered your questions, palsee let me know if you have trouble using this theme again. Thanks.

Build: Октябрь 31 2012

31 Октябрь

  • [ADDED]Размер карты увеличен
  • [ADDED]Новые Зомби
  • [ADDED]Праздничные Хэлуинскии Зомби
  • [ADJUSTED]В магазине(в меню) появился Праздничный шлем(тыква)
  • [ADJUSTED]Снизилось немного расстояние атаки Зомби
  • [ADJUSTED]Снижен урон от Зомби
  • [ADJUSTED]Увеличен диапазон(расстояние) для поднятие предметов, чтобы избавиться от невозможности взять предмет с верхних полок
  • [ADJUSTED]Исправлена ошибка(Баг). При переходе на пользовательские настройки(custom) были проблемы с отображением в опциях.
  • [FIXED]Снижен радиус ближнего боя.
  • [ADJUSTED]Теперь Вы точно будете знать, от чего вы умерли, будет отображаться надпись о том, что вас убило(Зомби или Игрок) (Прим. Имя не пишется)
  • [FIXED]Исправлена анимация теперь Зомби имеют эффект "тряпичный куклы" когда умирают (т.е. более естественно это выглядит)
  • [OPTIMIZED]Трава оптимизирована, при выставленных настройках низкого качества

Build: Ноябрь 2 2012

  • [ADJUSTED] Карта изменена
  • [ADJUSTED] Обновление мини карты
  • [ADJUSTED] Исправлен механизм появления лута
  • [FIXED] Возможно исправлена проблема с появлением "белого экрана"
  • [ADJUSTED] Исправлена анимация "зомби", когда персонаж вооружен УЗИ
  • [ADDED] Поддержка "aim"(прицеливания) при отсутствующем оружия или если Вы бежите с пустыми руками