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Note delle Patch dell'Alpha

Build: October 15 2012

15 October 12:52 PM GMT +1

  • [RELEASED] This was the first version of the Game ever released. Thousands of players were waiting for it and it was delayed several times because of delivery issues.

Build: October 16 2012

16 October

  • [ADDED] Forget password link in launcher.
  • [FIXED] Ghost (Invisible) Zombies.
  • [ADJUSTED] Lootspawns.
  • [ADDED] More gameservers (US/EU).

Build: October 17 2012

17 October

  • [FIXED] Several clientcrash issues.
  • [FIXED] Weapon being able to be equiped into quick slot.
  • [FIXED] Grenades didnt inflict damage to zombies.
  • [FIXED] Instant kill by melee from behind.
  • [FIXED] Chat input turning on when pressing TAB key.
  • [FIXED] Pain sound playing when dead.
  • [ADDED] Message on player death screen.
  • [ADDED] Show player's reputation and if he is legend in show players window.
  • [FIXED] Flashlight staying on after hiding it.
  • [ADJUSTED] Can no longer create more than 5 characters.
  • [ADJUSTED] Water/Food depletion rates.
  • [FIXED] Several wrong player spawns.
  • [FIXED] Several animations.
  • [FIXED] Wrong footstep sounds on several subsurfaces.
  • [FIXED] Collision detection on several objects.

Build: October 18 2012

18 October

  • [FIXED] Reputation is now tracked properly.
  • [ADDED] Safe settlements have been implemented.
  • [ADJUSTED] You can no longer access your global inventory anywhere except in safe settlements.
  • [ADDED][TEMPORARY] You cannot attack other players in settlements.
  • [FIXED] Invisible players and zombies.
  • [ADJUSTED] Zombie AI logic.
  • [REMOVED] Red pixel in HUD.
  • [FIXED] Rapid melee exploit.

Build: October 19 2012

19 October

  • [FIXED] Error 56: Unsupported input type.
  • [FIXED] Ammo Counter not showing.
  • [FIXED] Objects sending you back to the survivor screen.
  • [FIXED] Marketplace will now showing proper stack size for how many items you are buying at once.
  • [ADDED] Recent gameservers tab in server browser.
  • [FIXED] Minor Stability issues solved.
  • [ADDED] Additional anti-cheat systems.
  • [OPTIMIZED] Better stability on lower end computers.

Build: October 22 2012

22 October

  • [ADDED] Legendary users now have yellow text in chat.
  • [ADJUSTED] Flashlights are not longer active while unequipped.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug when clicking on play game with a dead character.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with inventory showing item description when have no access to global inventory.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug when zombies die that makes the jump up.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with silencer\flash hider not working properly.
  • [ADDED] The server you are on now displays in the pause menu.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug that was allowed to open attachment menu while inventory was open.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug removing attachments from pistols.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a crash when entering game for people who have corrupted attachments in their weapons.
  • [ADJUSTED] Improved quick join.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug that if not able to quick join, it would get stuck in progress bar screen.

Build: October 23 2012

23 October

  • [ADDED] Allow access to global inventory after you revive a character.
  • [FIXED] Fix a bug on some video cards when terrain is flat.
  • [FIXED] Fixed music volume control in options; it was not working.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug when picking up items sometimes you will get kicked from the server.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a crash when moving item from your inventory to your backpack.
  • [FIXED] Another "Unsupported input type" error fix.
  • [FIXED] Fixed flickering Zombies.

Build: October 25 2012

25 October

  • [FIXED] Fixed player spawning in the air.
  • [ADDED] Show info about how much bullets left in weapon or ammo clip in inventory screen.
  • [ADDED] Added missions window to pause screen (for now not active).
  • [ADJUSTED] Create new survivor screen: firstly ask for name and mode.
  • [FIXED] Possible fix for "decompress failed" error.
  • [FIXED] Possible fix for "audio noise" after playing game for a few minutes.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where grass was black when pointing flash light at it.
  • [FIXED] One more fix for invisible zombies issue.
  • [FIXED] Player animation fixes.
  • [OPTIMIZED] Some textures have been optimized.
  • [ADDED] New walking and running animations.

Build: October 26 2012

26 October

  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue with notes not displaying any text
  • [FIXED] Fix for trying to play with dead survivor (results in server disconnect the moment you connect to server)
  • [FIXED] Fixed one possible error with character being dead but showing up as alive
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug that you were able to click on main menu buttons while quick joining
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with not able to pick up dropped item
  • [FIXED] M249 machine gun now should work properly
  • [FIXED] Fixed some minor animation glitches

Build: October 30 2012

30 October

  • [ADJUSTED] Zombies AI has been improved. They are also more dangerous now.
  • [FIXED] Fixed some crouch/prone issues going over objects.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that would make some players invisible.
  • [ADJUSTED] Grass is now visible on all quality settings
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with some items spawning in the air.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with changing backpack in game.
  • [ADDED] Halloween pumpkin head added.

Build: October 31 2012

31 October

  • [ADDED] Map size increased.
  • [ADDED] New Zombies.
  • [ADDED] Special Halloween Zombies.
  • [ADJUSTED] Zombie attack distance reduced slightly.
  • [ADJUSTED] Zombie damage reduced.
  • [ADJUSTED] Increased the pick up range for items to fix an issue with items on top shelves.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with showing undefined in options when switching to custom settings.
  • [ADJUSTED] Melee detection radius lowered.
  • [ADDED] Text now informs you if you were killed by a Zombie or Player.
  • [FIXED] Fixed zombie ragdoll affects.
  • [OPTIMIZED] Optimized grass on low quality settings.

Build: November 2 2012

2 November

  • [FIXED] Map fixes.
  • [ADJUSTED] Updated minimap.
  • [FIXED] Fixed item spawns.
  • [FIXED] Possible fix for "white screen" issue.
  • [FIXED] Fixed "zombie" animation in main menu when equipped UZI.
  • [ADDED] Allow to "aim" when you have no weapon or running with empty hands .

Build: November 6 2012

6 November

  • [FIXED] Fix for weapons in quickslots showing no ammo.
  • [ADDED] You can now sort the server browser.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the some safe zone exploits. Players should not be able to kill other players in the safe zones now.
  • [ADJUSTED] Various map updates.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue with players being stuck and getting kicked from server when logging in.
  • [ADJUSTED] Zombie damage was increased.
  • [FIXED] Various crash fixes.
  • [ADDED] You can now see the name of the player that killed you.
  • [ADDED] Two more characters have been added.

Build: November 7 2012

7 November

  • [FIXED] Fixed some stuck areas related to water.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with missing hands in FPS view for new characters
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug when dying from thirst or hunger will result in you walking dead
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with zombies having female sounds

Build: November 8 2012

8 November

  • [ADDED] Show dev accounts in player list and in chat
  • [FIXED] Fixed reload bug (hearing reload sounds across the map)
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with being stuck in narrow location when logging in
  • [ADDED] Show server reboot message in chat
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug with swapped currencies in unlock new char window
  • [FIXED] Minor map fixes
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