Campos City

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Campos City, seen from a mountain

Campos City is one of the largest cities of Colorado in Infestation. It's a dangerous place because almost every survivor is heading to Campos City since there are lots of buildings where you can find weapons, ammo and other equipment. There are a lot of snipers hidden in the forest, waiting for you. You should never go alone.
To see the exact location of Campos City, check out the ingame maps! POIs include: Relief tents, construction site, the apartments (PVP hotspot!!!). A close sprint from the apartments are the super grocery store and police station, ripe with guns, bags, ammo, and supplies. don't waste your time with the suburban area, usually you won't find anything near the houses. Also watch out for the zombies because there is a lot of them.

Also another hotspot at Campos is the overpass. You will often find players up there looking into the PVP building (Only apartment building that you can go into). You will not often find zombies up there but beware they can follow you up there. NEVER GO ALONE YOU WILL DIE