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A wooden house next to a river in the wilderness

There will be a lot of buildings you can enter to protect yourself against Zombies and other survivors. You may also have the chance to find some loot and gear inside of buildings and structures to equip yourself.

Not all buildings will be enterable.

On public server you can find places and claim it as yours. You will have to defend it against zombies and other survivors. You can set up weapons and ammo caches there.

Infestation: Survivor Stories will also have smaller maps - Strongholds. The size of those maps will be as big as a map on WarInc - approximately 3-4km². In the center of the maps will be something like some fortifications or villas on a river bank. Players can rent these instances and everything they do there - like setup caches and raise fortifications - will be permanent. This is how clans and players can setup their own private fortifications. Zombies will spawn on these maps but only outside of those buildings.

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