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How to Create a New Character/Join a Server

After you have started the Infestation client, you'll find yourself at the main menu. Make sure the SURVIVOR tab is in red text. You'll notice that you don't have any characters yet and cannot play the game. On the bottom left side of the page, select CREATE NEW. This will take you to the character creation screen. Fill out your character's name, and change their look according to your preferences, then click CREATE SURVIVOR.

After you've completed your character, you're ready to start the game. Click the PLAY GAME tab near the SURVIVOR tab. If you want, click QUICK JOIN to join a random server. If you're looking for a particular server, select BROWSER SERVERS. Here you'll find a list of servers to join. Select any of them and click JOIN SERVER.

Beginners Guide

When you spawn in the world of The War Z you might find yourself in a large forest or near a city. When you spawn you have nothing on you except a map of Colorado. The first thing you should do is trying to find some buildings. With a bit of luck you might find some equipment inside of it. The most important thing is to find food and something to drink. After you have found yourself enough food to survive you should really go and find a gun to defend yourself, or a melee weapon to kill without making too much noise. If you did not find a flashlights so far, then you should really get one as soon as possible for the night, and it can also be used as a weapon. Always try to avoid the zombies and other survivors. You may try to team up with some survivors to raise your chance to survive but you shouldn't trust everyone because there are a lot of bandits in Colorado hunting for you.

Surviving the Alpha Build

If you want to last longer in the game, you'll have to follow some general guidelines along with common sense. The first thing that you should know is that flashlights take a large amount of hits to kill a zombie, more than what's worth doing. Do not try to even take one zombie on with a flashlight or chances are against you that you'll win that fight. You cannot always outrun zombies. If you are not armed yet, stay as far away as possible. The flashlights is also an item that you should not wear all the time. The usage of one can attract bandits very easy.

Other players can be friendly or foe. Trust and luck are large determinations of you surviving encounters with other players. If you see a player moving toward you, pull out a weapon or run away. They have no reason to move onto you other than to kill you. Do not fight another player head on. Attempt to use objects to strife around and flank them to avoid their incoming swings.

Take your gear back to the safe zone and store them in your global inventory thereby allowing you to share the items with your other characters. If you die while carrying gear, you'll lose it unless you can return to where you died (on the same server) before someone else loots your corpse. Typically, you'd use another character to do that with, and it's suggested that you don't bother if your character was gunned down, especially at close range, however, if you HAVE to do it, make sure you scout the surrounding area first.

Here are some tips that might help you to survive longer:

  • First rule is a hard one, do not trust anyone. Although you may not be out for blood, other people are and it's not worth dying over being nice to someone. If you do not wish to kill someone who looks like they are not a threat (No main weapon, no masks, etc) tell them to back away while you do the same watching them and your surroundings carefully. Watch for other survivors nearby, they might be setting up an ambush. If they get close to you, you may find them suddenly attacking you from behind, where it can be nearly impossible to fight back.
  • Second rule is an easy one, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE FLASHLIGHTS, at the moment flashlights do not do much damage to zombies, however they will do much more to you if the person gets jump on you or has teammates. Think of a flashlight as a weak melee weapon with the added bonus of having a light, don't think of it as a simple tool.
  • Third, once you spawn get to cover. Do not sit near a spawn for long as currently many groups are camping near spawns waiting to jump people. Try to get to a rock to hide behind and examine your surroundings.
  • Fourth, avoid up right confrontation at ALL COSTS. Do not ever go head to head with someone. It is true that you might win against that one person, however there are many other players and zombies in the area and if the person you killed damaged you, it is likely you will be killed soon after.
  • Fifth, survive with a group! Being a group will greatly increase your chance of survival. You can see a large list of clans in the clans list.
  • Lastly, avoid major areas unless you have the capabilities to deal with what is there. At major areas such as the Helicopter Crash Site and the large city, expect more players, more zombies, and more threats. Running into the major city with a spiked bat has a very good chance to lose that bat for you. You are very likely to die whether by zombie, or more likely by player.